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Answers to your questions (FAQs):

Will I be bombarded with texts from you?

No. Definitely not. We'll send just two high-value texts per week and an occasional check-in, giveaway, or other announcement.

Can I cancel whenever I want?

Of course. You'll receive weekly texts for free until you reply with "STOP" to any meage we send you.

Is it really free to subscribe?

It's 100% FREE to be part of the Six Figure Text Club. Your phone provider may have additional message and data rates. Please review your contract with your provider for additional information.

Can I text you and you'll text back?

Absolutely! Being a member of the Six Figure Text Club means access to me (Preston) and my team. Of course, as the club gets bigger, our time will get more limited, so the earlier you join, the better!

What if I already make six figures as a freelancer? Can I still join?

Anyone and everyone are welcome to join. Our texts are comprised of studies, data, and real-world advice from freelancers who have crossed the six figure mark. Just because you're already there, doesn't mean you won't learn from these pros.

What's the surprise gift I get after crossing six figures?

Uh, if we told you, it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it? Where would the fun be in that?